When slow-moving construction vehicles exit the work zone into fast-moving highway traffic, it can create a hazardous situation and lead to traffic accidents.  The fast-moving cars often just don’t have enough time to slow or change course, before colliding with the construction vehicle.

The Solution? The Trucks Entering Roadway Warning System. This real-time warning system immediately alerts oncoming motorists of construction vehicles entering the roadway, enabling them slow down, and change course to avoid accidents.

In this situation, oncoming cars need to be able to respond immediately, as soon as the construction truck enters the roadway.  This is why QLynx incorporates lighting-fast millisecond communication technology in our Truck Warning Systems.

How Does A Trucks Entering Roadway Warning System Work?

The Truck Warning System measures vehicle speeds at a construction site exit location with our QLynx Nano radar sensor. The sensor unit instantly transmits this information via 900 MHz point-to-point radio modem to a flashing beacon trailer. When an oncoming truck is detected, the system activates the flashing beacon, located upstream of construction exit,  alerting motorists to the presence of a construction vehicle ahead.


  • Near-instantaneous 900 MHz point-to-point modems communicate in milliseconds
  • Flashing beacon trailers and sensors are solar equipped and self-charging
  • Includes all the benefits of the revolutionary QLynx Nano sensor, including:
  • Incredibly Simple, One-Step Setup
  • Onboard Verification – LED touchscreen display allows immediate verification system function and setup
  • Versatile sensor installation with trailer or pole-mount