Dynamic Lane Merge Systems (DLMS) are designed to improve safety and efficiency on roadways with a lane merge.  When traffic is congested, a DLMS system will advise motorists to merge late, thus reducing backups and increasing road capacity.

Dynamic Merge advises motorists to merge at an earlier point during free-flow conditions, thus allowing smoother merge patterns, but at a later point during congested conditions, thus increasing roadway carrying capacity and helping prevent back-ups.

While conventional merge signage encourages drivers to merge early, DLMS are designed to encourage drivers to use both lanes until they reach the lane closure taper. When the congestion level reaches a certain threshold, all Changeable Message Signs are activated. The CMS farthest from the lane closure taper displays the message ” STOPPED TRAFFIC AHEAD — USE BOTH LANES”. The next CMS sign displays “USE BOTH LANES — MERGE AHEAD” and the CMS closest to the lane closure taper displays “TAKE TURNS — MERGE HERE”. When the congestion level falls to a certain level and traffic speed increases, the signs are deactivated and the system returns to the conventional early merge system.

QLynx Dynamic Lane Merge Systems:

  • Each changeable message sign or solar-powered trailer is individually integrated with the system.
  • Allows remote control of the system from anywhere.
  • Allows manual override of the messages displayed on the signs. For example, the user can remotely display special messages, such as “ACCIDENT AHEAD”; or “FREEWAY CLOSED AT RT XXX”, when a quick and effective incident management tool is needed.
  • Provides real-time information via the cloud so it can be viewed on any computer or mobile device.